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Illinois Central College “Between the Lines” Program Explores the History of Three Superheroes April 4

Could any movie truly be big enough for the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Join Illinois Central College English, Humanities, and Language Studies Instructor Andrew Bonvicini as he explores the origins and histories, changing interpretations, and cultural significance of these archetypes in “Sun, Moon, and Stars: The Remarkable Histories of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman” on Monday, April 4, at 2:30 pm, in Room 212C/D on the East Peoria Campus.

No other fictional characters in history can make the same boast as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman: each has featured in new stories in their own monthly publications for over three-quarters of a century. Though the result of an American art form — the comic book — and the mythologies that have grown out of it, no other popular icons are as truly, instantly recognizable the world over. Theirs is a constant and universal appeal.

“Between the Lines” is a lecture series presented by the faculty members of the English, Humanities and Language Studies Department at ICC.  The goal of the series is to offer literary presentations which will interest students and people in the community as well as promote reading literacy and scholarly study.

The programs are free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact Jen Hopp at [email protected] or [email protected].