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Adrel Haynes

Adrel Haynes graduated from Illinois Central College with an Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design degree in 2001. During her time here, Adrel was a member of the New World Program, Faculties, known today as TRiO Support Services.

She says being in the program was a blessing to her, as instructors helped her obtain materials she needed for class and couldn’t afford herself and even donated personal items to help her through the difficult times.

“ICC has instructors and programs that will help assist students be what they imagine themselves to be,” Adrel says. “They were very encouraging, never ceasing to remind me that I could and would make it BIG.”

Adrel says that, even when she worked third shift and just had enough time to catch the bus back home to change clothes and run several blocks back to the bus in time to make it to her 8 am ICC class, her instructors kept encouraging her.

“They were my shoulder of understanding to lean on,” Adrel explains. “After getting to class I would sometimes fall asleep in front of the computer because of exhaustion. All that time, they never, ever ceased to encourage me. They also didn’t ridicule me.”

Today Adrel is founder and CEO of adh design, inc, which incorporated in 2012. She independently creates and designs graphic stationaries for companies, such as business cards, letter heads and brochures. Her company also specializes in art décor, from the public gallery to the private home, including décor and accessories.

“They were my ‘Education Levelers,’ who kept me on a curriculum that would lead me to where I am today and where I am going to be in the future. The instructors at ICC were very much involved in my life. They helped nurture my abilities from the inside out, and that helped me see my personal gifts and talents and gave me direction on how to embrace and achieve them. For that I am so grateful.”

Adrel’s Hobbies: I enjoy reading the Bible, running, working out, thinking, and hanging out at the malls and on Grandview Drive. I enjoy spending alone time, learning and discovering who I am as a mature person.

Adrel’s Favorite Book: The Bible is the book I love most.

Adrel’s Favorite SongsLike the Dew in the MorningEvery Praise is Due Our GodThere is Power in the Name of Jesus, to Break Every Chain

One of Adrel’s Favorite Quotes: “For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 5:10