Bookstore Charge Request

A Bookstore Charge Account is available to students who need assistance purchasing their required books and supplies from the ICC Bookstore. Bookstore Charge Account requests must be made through your MyICC account.

Bookstore charge accounts will no longer be automatically set up for students.

How to Request a Bookstore Charge Account

Login to MyICC and select ICC eForm Workcenter from under the Financials menu.

Screenshot of ICC eForms Workcenter link in My ICC

Select Add a Bookstore Charge Request. Students must be enrolled for bookstore charge request to be visible.

Screenshot of Add a Bookstore Charge Request action

Students will request to use their Student Account to purchase required books and supplies from the ICC Bookstore. Any charges for purchases made in the Bookstore will be due on the day they are posted to the student’s account. Students will pay the balance in full, pay using financial aid, or set up a payment plan. If students are already enrolled in a payment plan, the scheduled installments will automatically adjust for the account balance changes.

The availability of a bookstore charge account does not guarantee a student has financial aid to cover their purchases.

Screenshot of Request Bookstore Charge Account confirmation

A charge account with the standard amount of $600 for required books and $200 for supplies will be created for a student’s use in the ICC Bookstore within one (1) business day. If a student is in a program of study that has required book and supply costs in excess of $800, students have the option to request a higher amount. Student should select Yes from the drop down menu and a team member will contact the student about the amount needed.

If the textbooks for a given term are not yet on sale, the bookstore charge account will become available on the first date of the textbook sales period.

Screenshot of amount requested form

Students must acknowledge they are currently enrolled and they are financially responsible for all charges added to their student account. Further students acknowledge they understand that any federal Title IV financial aid received will apply to any tuition, fees, books, and housing charges on their account before any refunds will be issued. Their selection of Yes will represent their signature and that the information provided is complete. Students have to slide the button to Yes in order to click Submit.

Screenshot of agreement text and acknowledgement action item

Questions should be directed to Enrollment Services Office: [email protected] or (309) 694-5600.