Transitional English Course for High School Students

The goal of the Transitional English Course is to reduce the number of students needing developmental coursework in college.

High school students who successfully complete the Transition Course as high school juniors or seniors can enroll in transfer-level courses that require a minimum reading score without Accuplacer retesting. The course especially supports those students who might be deterred from applying to college because of their low placement scores. ICC’s Transitional English course is modeled after ENGL 095: Preparation for College Reading and Writing and culminates in a final portfolio to assess readiness for students to enroll in ENGL 110: Composition I at ICC. If students complete the Transition Course before graduation, they are eligible to enroll in ICC’s Early College dual credit courses.

The Transitional English course is taught in the high schools by high school teachers. ICC provides professional development for high school teachers and literacy coaches within districts that plan to offer the one-semester course. This training includes a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide that outlines course content and assessment procedures. Teachers are observed by the Transition Course facilitator for the duration of one course session and will receive ongoing support to assist with course facilitation and assessment.

Current partnership high schools include Richwoods High School, Peoria High School, Tremont High School, Fieldcrest High School, Washington Community High School, Knoxville Center for Student Success, Illini Central High School, East Peoria Community High School, Roanoke-Benson High School, Daarul Uloom Islamic School, Dee-Mack High School, Limestone Community High School, and Manual High School.

For more information and to offer the course at your high school
Contact: Melissa Grunow [email protected], assistant professor of English and Transitional English course facilitator