CLEP examinations give students an opportunity to earn college credit for prior knowledge in certain subject areas by taking an exam.

In order to register and pay for an exam, please visit, a self-serve feature that enables you to create and manage your own personal account and purchase study materials. Once you are registered, you may schedule your appointment with us.

CLEP Fees: $20 service fee payable to ICC; $89 fee payable to CLEP

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You will need your service fee receipt, Exam Registration Ticket, and ID in order to test.

CLEP General Exams

We award credit for the following general exams. The proficiency level for general exams is the national 50th percentile or above. You must pass the exam prior to completion of transfer-level credit hours in the area covered:

CLEP Subject Exams

We administer all of the CLEP tests offered, but the College only accepts the following for credit:

ExamScoreICC Course
American Government50Political Science 115
American Literature50Literature 215 & 216
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature50Literature 110
Biology50Biology 110
Calculus50Math 222
Chemistry50Chemistry 120 or 130
College Algebra50Math 115
College Composition50English 110
English Literature50Literature 212 & 213
Financial Accounting50ACCTG 105 & 120
French Language50French 110 & 111
French Language59French 110, 111, 210 & 211
German Language50German 110 & 111
German Language60German 110, 111, 210 & 211
History of the United States I50History 201
History of the United States II50History 202
Human Growth & Development50Psychology 202 or 220
Humanities50Must complete prior to earning Humanities credit
Introduction to Educational Psychology50Psychology 200
Introductory Business Law50Business 115
Introductory Psychology50Psychology 110
Introductory Sociology50Sociology 110
Natural Science50Must complete prior to earning Natural Science credit
Pre-Calculus50Math 165
Principles of Macroeconomics50Economics 110
Principles of Management50Management 113
Principles of Marketing50Marketing 112
Principles of Microeconmoics50Economics 111
Social Sciences & History50Must complete prior to earning Social Science & History credit
Spanish Language50Spanish 110 & 111
Spanish Language63Spanish 110, 111, 210 & 211
Spanish with Writing50Spanish 110 & 111
Spanish with Writing65Spanish 110, 111, 210 & 211
Western Civilization I50History 117*
Western Civilization II50History 118*
* May not have earned credit in HIST 111 or HIST 112.
Please note that credits awarded for CLEP Tests at ICC may not be the same courses that another institution awards credit for.