Credit for Prior Knowledge

ICC gives you the opportunity to save valuable time and money during your college career by getting credit for what you already know. If you can demonstrate a college-level ability or understanding by completing a proficiency assessment, you may be able to earn college credit.

How Many Credits Can I Use?

Students may apply a maximum of 30 credit hours towards a degree through proficiency assessments. Students pursuing a certificate must complete a minimum of 30% of their credits towards their certificate at Illinois Central College.

What Proficiency Assessments are Available?

How Do I Earn Credit?

In order for these credits to be applied to your ICC transcript, you must:

  • Successfully complete at least one course at Illinois Central College.
  • Not have earned credit or be currently enrolled in a course at a more advanced level than in the area which you have tested as proficient.
  • Only take a specific proficiency assessment once per semester

A credit by exam notation, together with the equivalent course title and number (if appropriate), credit hours, and score (if appropriate) will appear on your transcript. Grade and honor points are not given. Credit may be awarded for certain external certificates.

How Do I Submit my Scores?

Please have official scores submitted to ICC from the testing agency (i.e. AP, CLEP, CollegeBoard).