Honorlock Guide for Students

One or more of your courses this semester may use Honorlock, a test proctoring software.

This will help ensure the integrity of test taking, so that everyone taking an exam in your class is an actual student in the class, and is taking the test according to the same rules and regulations. That not only makes the test taking fair for all students in the class, but also it allows you flexibility to take a test when and where you need to take it, rather than having to come to campus to take exams in person or be online at a particular time to be monitored by your instructor. Click here for an FAQ on Honorlock.

To take a proctored exam, you will log in to your Blackboard course, install a Google Chrome plugin, verify your identity, and then take your exam just as you would typically take an exam in Blackboard. You must use Google Chrome to take Honorlock proctored exams. 

Watch the video below to see how to use Honorlock:

Problems Sharing Your Screen? See the image below, or take a look at this guide.

Problems with Conflicting Browser Extensions? If you run into difficulties launching Honorlock, it is possible that another active browser extension is blocking the Honorlock extension. If this occurs, you will likely see the error message, “This item has been disabled in Chrome” when attempting to launch Honorlock. Please see this guide on how to manage conflicting browser extensions.

Receiving an error message that you need to “contact Organization Administrator for access”? Follow this guide or create a new Chrome profile to solve that issue, and remember you can always contact Honorlock Support for help (see below)!

If you encounter problems or need help while using Honorlock, you can visit the Honorlock support page for live help 24/7:
You can also look for answers in Honorlock’s Knowledge Guide:

During a proctored exam, your instructor may require you to perform a Room Scan. Here is a video to show you how to successfully scan your room:

Concerned about privacy? Visit Honorlock’s Student Privacy page: