The Studio

Online Writing Support

For online writing help, you have several options:

  • Work with the Studio live online for immediate help. 
  • Submit your writing to the Studio for written feedback within 24 hours. 
  • Submit your writing to Smarthinking, for help from tutors outside of ICC. 

To work with the Studio live online, make an appointment on our schedule. Watch a how-to video here.

Submitting your writing to the Studio for written feedback or to the Smarthinking Essay Center

Log into Blackboard to access Smarthinking

For live writing help, choose “Work with a Tutor or Career Coach.”
To submit your writing for written feedback, choose “Submit My Writing.”


If you are choosing to submit your essay for written feedback, you have several options. You can submit your essay for a Smarthinking tutor to review it. You can also submit your essay for a Studio consultant to review it. Submitting to Smarthinking will use some of your 180 minutes of Smarthinking support available per semester. Submitting to the Studio will not use any of your minutes.

For more information about Smarthinking Online Tutoring, see the Academic Support Center’s Online Tutoring page!

Need Help? Visit our 2 locations or use our online service!