The Studio

For Faculty

The Studio exists because learning to write well in academic genres is an iterative, recursive process. Writers learn by practicing, and skills must be reinforced through practice.

Using a model of cognitive development, Studio consultants view skills not as a separate concern from critical thinking, but as an integral part of developing thought. Writing consultants engage all students as thinkers, ask questions and foster thought, and address grammar and mechanics when they subvert meaning.

Consultants don’t “correct” papers, but rather they assist students in improving their own writing. One-on-one writing support is provided for any type of writing project, at any stage of the writing process.

As a faculty member, you can work with the Studio to improve the writing assignments your students turn in. The Studio is happy to:

  • Support classroom writing assignments by offering in-class workshops on writing topics that relate to your class
  • Present commercials to your class on the benefits of using the Studio
  • Provide your class with in-class writing workshops. Studio Workshops 2019-2020
  • Give your students extra help writing papers by assigning Writing Fellows to your class
  • Show you how to incorporate writing in your class without inundating you with grading
  • Help you work with students from different countries and cultures






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