Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Do you have a class you are struggling with? You are not alone. Get the help you need with Supplemental Instruction!

SI is a FREE, peer-assisted group study session. SI targets classes that are difficult for students. The peers, known as SI Leaders, are students who have successfully passed the course. SI Leaders attend class lecture and then hold regularly scheduled group study sessions.

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If you are an instructor looking for information about adding a Supplemental Instruction Leader to your class, please see our Faculty Guide.  If you are a student seeking to boost your success in a class, please look below for the SI schedule and information about SI sessions.

Attending SI

How to Attend SI

  • SI Leaders are paired with a specific instructor. If you are registered in a course that provides SI support, you will be enrolled in an SI Blackboard course page.
  • SI Leaders will send emails from the SI Blackboard course with Zoom links to the sessions prior to their start time. These emails will be sent to your ICC student email account. Additionally, announcements with session links can be found in the SI Blackboard course page.
  • SI sessions are available to all students enrolled in any course that we support. Please be aware that the content covered in an SI session will be specific to the assigned instructor’s course. If you are enrolled in any course that SI supports and would like to attend sessions, please email [email protected] to be added to the SI Blackboard course page.

Benefits of Attending SI Sessions

  • Students who attend one or more SI sessions may improve their course performance by as much as half a letter grade.
  • Group study sessions can be much more effective than studying alone as long as the group stays on task. Your SI Leader will facilitate a productive group learning environment and will also demonstrate skills to you about how you can organize your own study groups.
  • SI sessions are free to currently enrolled ICC students.
  • Learners of all levels benefit from attending SI sessions because sessions are planned to help students master challenging concepts in their classes.

Become an SI Leader

SI Leaders are students who’ve taken a course, done well, and demonstrate the desire and skills to help others. SI Leaders attend lecture sessions, as well as plan for and facilitate student sessions.

The benefits to being an SI leader

  • A better understanding of the course material, which improves success in related classes.
  • Access to instructors outside of class; which can foster relationships that lead to independent study, research, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • A paid on-campus job
  • Only ten (10) hours/week schedule.
  • Paid training before the semester begins.