Academic Advisement


Illinois Central College’s Advisement office is committed to our vision of empowering students to learn, persist, and complete college. We support students across all socio-economic backgrounds while remaning engaged in the process of understanding and embracing a technological-centered approach to learning. Through career coaching, degree audits, and structured interventions that evaluate students’ learning, we are able to align with our students’ needs, community’s labor market initiatives and institutional strategic planning goals.

Advisors act consistently with the mission of Illinois Central College, and work to make sure students are knowledgeable about college policies/procedures, academic requirements, program and articulation requirements, and/or graduation requirements. ICC advisors assist students with academic planning and setting goals, selecting a program based on students’ skill set, selecting and scheduling courses, transferring requirements and career/employment options.

Advisors will assist students with services that include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • Interpreting Placement Scores
  • Meeting important college deadline
  • Learning about ICC’s certificate/degree requirements
  • Selecting appropriate courses for a particular program of study
  • Accessing key information using PeopleSoft
  • Tracking progress towards degree completion using degree audits
  • Understanding courses pre-requisites, course sequencing, degree requirements
  • Managing an appropriate course load
  • Placing courses into shopping cart in eServices
  • Applying to 4-year colleges and transfer requirements
  • Recognizing how dropping/adding courses can effect Financial Aid/Grants/Scholarships
  • Finding ICC resources to assist with meeting personal needs
  • Consulting with a Success Coach for assistance with goal setting, time management, study strategies, academic planning, etc.)
  • Applying for ICC scholarships
  • Applying for graduation

New Student Orientation

Sign-up to attend New Student Orientation sponsored by Student Life
by calling (309) 694-5560 or emailing [email protected]

Academic Placement

Students may need to take the Academic Placement Test before enrolling in college level courses. These test scores are crucial for advising and placing students into classes that match his/her skill level and are used to identify knowledge, strengths, and needs in math and reading. Additionally, advisors review the test scores to determine both abilities and interest of the student in order to make appropriate course recommendations.

  • Do I need to take the placement test?
  • How do I schedule an appointment to take the placement test?
  • Are there resources to assist me with preparing to for the placement test?

Please use the link below to find out if a placement test is required, schedule a testing time, and view testing preparation resources or contact the Testing Center at (309) 694-5234 for questions

Who is my advisor?

Some programs have a specific advisor for students to meet with, and students can find their advisor with MyICC. Follow the menu path: > Log into MyICC (eservices) > Enrollment > Advisor Information. Additionally, students can log into their eServices full-site and locate their advisor’s name or department an phone number on the bottom right of their Student Center page. The link below provides you with a list of academic advisors.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Advisement/Counseling Dept.: Schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor; all new students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to enroll in courses. Make an appointment with advisement by calling (309) 694-5281, or schedule an advisement appointment online.

Departmental Advisement: Make an appointment with a Departmental Advisor (all career and technical programs including Health Careers) by finding your advisor from the link below or call general advising at (309) 694-5281 for assistance.

Undecided Program of Study

ICC Career Services is a valuable resource for students. These services can help students explore career opportunities to match abilities, interests, values, and personality. Additionally, Career Services can help students establish career goals and assist with developing crucial employability skills. Another primary function of Career Services is preparing job seekers to market themselves to prospective employers. Undecided students are directed to the Career Center where they work with staff to complete a career assessment which can be very helpful in making informed career decisions.

Services are available by appointment on both the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses. Contact one of our Career Services Coordinators for more information:

Students may want to change their program of study as they become more comfortable with college and match their talents/skills to interest, engage in career coaching and/or complete ICC111 – Career Choice course. You can change your program of study by meeting with your academic advisor or by completing the Degree of Study Change Request form online at:

Student Success Coaches

Do you know your ICC academic pathway? Advisors/Success Coaches know that some students may find it difficult to advocate for themselves, select a plan of study and complete the plan, learn new technology, and/or take advantage of resources that are available. Advisors/Success coaches strive to help students experience and learn what academic success looks like by teaching students to:

  • Set goals
  • Manage time
  • Utilize study strategies
  • Plan academically for degree completion

Please click on the link below to find out more about Success Coaching and schedule an appointment for coaching:

Campus Resources for Academic Support

Academic Advisement is teaching and assisting students with making decisions concerning life goals, program choices, course selection, and scheduling of classes. Students have the primary responsibility for final decisions; however, the college has the responsibility to offer and provide materials to assist students along the way. The following link provides a directory to on-campus resources that include academic support, tutoring, learning resources, and much more.

If you have any Advisement Questions, email [email protected]