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Green Curriculum

Illinois Central College is committed to fostering a sustainable future for our students and community through education and the example we set.

Sustainability Definition

ICC’s Greening the Curriculum Committee’s definition of Sustainability in the Curriculum is: “Sustainability-based curricula equip students with knowledge and skills to identify and analyze problems from economic, societal, and environmental perspectives, and to address such problems in constructive ways that promote the general welfare.”

SUSTAINABILITY RELATED COURSES are those that include sustainability as an aspect of the course, but not as the primary focus. This type of course may include a sustainability project, unit, or module, or may include sustainability issues or perspectives.

  • Fundamentals of Building Construction (ARCTK 201) Instructor: Tom McMarrow
  • Economics of Food, Fiber and Natural Resources (AGBUS 110) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Introduction to Agriculture Economics (AGBUS 111) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Internship I (AGBUS 200) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Internship II (AGBUS 214) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Introduction to Animal Science (AGRI 110) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Pork Production (AGRI 111) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Ruminant Animal Production (AGRI 114) Instructor: Grant Grebner
  • Architectural Construction II (ARCH 132) Instructor: Tom McMarrow
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings (ARCTK 227) Instructor: Tom McMarrow
  • Native Plants and Animals (BIOL 115) Instructor: Kristin Jacobson Flex
  • Life Science (BIOL 110) Instructor: Jen Scoby
  • Bioprinciples I (BIOL 160) Instructor: Jen Scoby
  • Field Course to the Rocky Mountains (BIOL 250) Instructor: Kristin Jacobson Flex
  • Introduction to Business (BUS 110) Instructor: Wes Williams
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 130) Instructor: Billy Cook
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 131) Instructor: Billy Cook
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 132) Instructor: Billy Cook
  • Computer Hardware Infrastructire (CMNET 150) Instructor: Paulette Sibrel
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water (EERE 120) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Solar Space Heating (EERE 121) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Residential SDHW Siter Assessor (EERE 122) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Solar Water Heating Lab (EERE 123) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Solar Thermal Design (EERE 124 ) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Basic Photovoltaic Systems (EERE 151) Instructor: Steve Flinn
  • Principles of Residential Photovoltaic Site Assessment (EERE 153) Instructor: Steve Flinn
  • Intermediate Photovoltaic Systems (EERE 155) Instructor: Steve Flinn
  • Photovoltaic System Installation (EERE 161) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Photovoltaic System Design (EERE 163) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Photovoltaic Systems and the National Electrical Code (EERE 165) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Principles of Battery-Based Photovoltaic Systems (EERE 167) Instructor: Steve Flinn/Brian Weaver
  • Agricultural Communications (ENGL 116) Instructor: Sarah Parlier
  • Cultural Geography (GEOG 112) Instructor: Eric Christian
  • World Regional Geography (GEOG 113) Instructor: Eric Christian
  • Geography of the Developing World (GEOG 116) Instructor: Eric Christian
  • Geography of the Developed World (GEOG 118) Instructor: Eric Christian
  • Early World Civilizations (HIST 111) Instructor: David Thompson
  • Modern World Civilizations (HIST 112) Instructor: David Thompson
  • Modern Western Civilization (HIST 118) Instructor: David Thompson
  • American History Since 1877 (HIST 202) Instructor: David Thompson
  • International Studies in Latin America (INTST 132) Instructor: Barbara Bruton
  • Cultures & Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa (INTST 133) Instructor: Terri Morrow/Edwina Jordan
  • Machine Operation I (MACTR 121) Instructor: Dan Boulton
  • Machine Operation II (MACTR 122) Instructor: Dan Boulton
  • Machine Operation III (MACTR 123) Instructor: Dan Boulton
  • Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (MATH 135) Instructor: Deanna Welsch
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 113) Instructor: Wes Williams
  • Principles of Marketing (MKTG 112) Instructor: Pam Dewey
  • Administrative Office Procedures (OFOCC 210) Instructor: Dorothy Dean
  • Refrigeration I (REACT 110) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Principles of Heat Loss/Gain (REACT 111) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Residential Ar Conditioning (REACT 112) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Duct Design (REACT 113) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Electricity As It Applies To HVAC/R (REACT 118) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Sheetmetal For HVAC/R (REACT 119) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Residential Furnaces (REACT 120) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Heat Pumps and Geothermal (REACT 121) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines I (REACT 130) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines II (REACT 131) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Topics In HVAC/R Industry (REACT 141) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 110) Instructor: Patricial Cole
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SOC 213) Instructor: Barbara Burton

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED COURSES are those that concentrate on sustainability as the central subject or main theme throughout the course. Such courses enable students to identify and analyze sustainability issues from social, economic, and environmental perspectives, which help prepare them to address sustainability-related problems in constructive ways for the benefit of society.

  • Environmental Biology (BIOL 114) Instructor: Kristin Jacobson Flex/Jen Scoby
  • Deconstruction Project (DECOM 104) Instructor: Anne Nicklin
  • Introduction to Deconstruction (DECON 101) Instructor: Anne Nicklin
  • Deconstruction Methods and Materials (DECON 102) Instructor: Anne Nicklin
  • Principles of Deconstruction Assessment (DECON 103) Instructor: Anne Nicklin
  • Building Envelope Evaluation (GRBCR 150) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Intoduction to Green Building Needs (GRBE 110) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Building Energy Analysis (GRBE 120) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Central Heating and Colling Plant (GRBE 130) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Indoor Air Quality and Green Building Needs (GRBE 140) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Green Building Environmental Projects (GRBE 150) Instructor: Brian Weaver
  • Energy and the Environment (PHYSC 110) Instructor: Ed Stermer

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