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Illinois Central College defines sustainability as an attempt to meet present needs, avoid human actions that threaten the natural environment, and conserve resources without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

Origins at ICC

The Student Association for the Environment (SAFE), which was founded in 1987, first began the push toward a more sustainable future here at ICC. Since it’s inception, SAFE has made an incredible impact. By recycling over 20,000 pounds of aluminum from 1987-1996, they were able to purchase and distribute over 22,500 trees. ICC and SAFE continue to explore ways to make a more sustainable future.

Since 2007, the Sustainability/Greening the Curriculum committee has worked to provide sustainability initiatives on campus. ICC participates in AASHE’s STARS and the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact to measure the College’s sustainability performance.

ICC is also a member of the Illinois Green Economy Network.

Sustainability Resources

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Questions or Suggestions?

Please send any questions or suggestions regarding Sustainability at ICC to [email protected].

Sustainability Presentations

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