About ICC


Below is a listing of Six Sigma projects and their current status.

Project Charter Name Status
Academic Warning Analyze
ACT Placement Control
Admission Process for Interpreter Preparation Program Control
Advisement Appointment Control
Advising Developmental Students Control
Allocation of Marketing Resources Control
Application Process for Honors Program Improve
Application Process Improve
Athletic and Academic Tuition Waiver Control
Attendance Warning Reporting Control
Authorization Control
Bookstore Charges Improve
Campus Wide Alert System Control
College Travel Control
Computer Classroom Usage and Needs Control
Computer Energy Savings Control
Constructing the Course Schedule Control
Corporate and Community Education EnterpriseWork Systems Control
Course Delivery and Offerings Control
Course Quality Approval Control
Credit Card Compliance Improve
Curriculum Development System Evaluation Control
Customized Instruction Control
Developing Business Relationships Improve
E-Time Control
Emerging Market Needs Improve
Financial Aid Control
Food Service Accounting Processes Control
GED and Transcripts Analyze
Grade Communication Control
Greenhouse Travel Emissions Tracking Improve
Health Careers Admission Retention Control
Identification of Degree Completers Improve
Initial Student Advisement Control
Instructional Space Usage Control
Library Staff Scheduling Control
Minority Retention Control
Peoria Promise Control
Petition to Graduate Control
Petitioning for Late W Grade Control
Prospective Student Follow-Up Control
Re-Enrollment Control
Re-Enrollment Drop No-Pay Measure (Closed)
Record Management Control
Refunding Students Control
Retiree Health Claims Control
Room Data Source Control
Schedule 25 Control
Special Application and Registration Improve
Student Billing Control
Student Feedback Control
Student Intake Measure
Student Orientation Effectiveness Control
Student Readiness Assessment Control
Test Proctoring Control
Textbook Rental Process Control
Transcript Evaluation Control
Transcript Pricing Structure Control
Transition Process from D150 High Schools to ICC Improve
Trust and Agency Control
Vehicle Request Control
Vehicle Utilization Control