About ICC

Blueprint for the Future

The Blueprint for the Future is a living document — updated annually to address the emerging challenges we face as a college.

A comprehensive scan of our community; data gathered through surveys of staff, students, and the community; focus groups; trends in higher education; self-studies; and other sources of information help us focus our improvement efforts.

By focusing on the strategic priorities below, we hope to achieve our Boldly Important Goal (the “BIG”) of being nationally recognized for student success among community colleges by 2020 and move closer to achieving our vision of creating “an Exceptional Educational Experience” for the people we serve.

Helping Student Learning

Increase the number of students who come back to continue their education semester to semester, stay in and complete their programs. Focus on these specific populations:

  • Part-time students
  • African-American students
  • Developmental Education students
  • Adult Basic and Adult Secondary Education students

Meeting Student & Other Stakeholder Needs

  • Create a Strategic Enrollment Management model that helps us enroll new and returning students so we meet our enrollment goals.
  • Make student success coaching a reality at ICC.
  • Work with business and industry on what we offer and how we prepare students for employment so ICC is an attractive partner in the economic growth of our district.
  • Improve the sequencing of classes so students can progress efficiently and effectively through programs and graduate in a timely manner.
  • Increase the enrollment of international students and expand international education programming.

Valuing Employees

  • Hire a more diverse workforce.
  • Improve the working relationships among faculty, staff, and administration.

Knowledge Management & Resource Stewardship

Strengthen our management, improvement, and use of the College’s data assets by implementing a formal data governance model.