About ICC

Institutional Research

We provide quality data for the many questions that arise concerning our mission and the goal of meeting that mission every day. Then we share that data here and through local, state, and national presentations.

Our Mission

We provide accurate and timely decision-support products and service to administration, faculty, staff, students, and others in support of the overall college’s mission and vision.

  • We work collaboratively with other stakeholders to plan and implement numerous research projects related to enrollment and retention, student expectations and satisfaction, and student outcomes.
  • We provide data and reports on program evaluations, community and employer demographics and expectations, and community workforce needs.
  • We provide feedback reports to high schools, and assists with special projects generated by administrators, faculty, and staff.
  • We ensure that the college presents consistent, accurate, and reliable information to its stakeholders by coordinating compliance with state and federal reporting mandates.
  • We develop and provide meaningful reports to assist in the accurate forecasting and management of financial and human resources at the college.