Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

HealthCheck 360 (HC 360)

What is HealthCheck 360 and how do we get it?

ICC is utilizing HealthCheck 360, a self-screening tool, to promote the health and wellness of those returning to campus. Students and employees scheduled to be on campus will receive registration information for HC 360 via email. Individuals then register for a daily text or email that will include a link to complete the Daily Symptom Tracker. Individuals will receive a “green light” to come to campus or a “red light” to not come on campus, based upon the screening questions.

How will faculty know students have completed the HealthCheck 360 screening, as required?

Students should show the “green light” given to them by HC 360 upon entrance to the classroom. If students are given a “red light,” they are instructed to stay home. Both the ICC HR Benefits Office and the Dean of Students Office will receive notifications of “red lights” from the system.

For students taking lab courses, will temperatures be taken on campus?

No, temperatures will not be taken onsite. It is the expectation that employees and students will self-monitor and report daily using HC 360.

Health Guidelines

Who do we report to if an on-campus student has or has been exposed to COVID?

Contact your dean and Human Resources at [email protected]. The Illness Decision Matrix will be used to make further decisions.

Where can someone get disposable mask if they don’t have one?

Disposable masks are available on both campuses at the Information Desk and Campus Police.

Where can employees and students get their ICC logo fabric masks?

ICC has customized face masks available for those on campus. Employee masks are blue while student masks are grey. Bags containing masks for faculty and students on campus are being distributed to department admins and are labeled by instructor and class. Unfortunately, masks for AIT and Health Career labs were delayed; we will distribute those as soon as they are received. If you have not received your mask, please stop at the info desk on either campus.

What do I do if someone isn’t wearing a mask?

Everyone has a responsibility to remind individuals they must wear a mask on campus. Individuals who do not wear a mask will be asked to leave.

  • Student non-compliance should be reported to the Dean of Students using the Student of Concern Reporting Form
  • Employee non-compliance not resolved through the manager should be reported to [email protected].
  • Vendor or visitor non-compliance, or any individual causing a disruption, should be reported to the ICC Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 or though the ICC Rave Guardian App.

Access and Building Use

Do students need to check in when arriving on campus?

Only students with appointments in Student Services must check in at the Information Desk. Students going to class do not need to check in.

What time will doors be open?

Specific campuses and buildings will have varied hours depending on class schedules. View Maps, Hours, and Parking for more information.

How do I access the campus? Parking? Building access?

View Maps, Hours, and Parking for more information. Access to some buildings is limited and noted with signage.

Who is allowed on campus?

Employees, including all full-time and part-time staff, faculty, administrators and managers are permitted to enter ICC buildings.

Employees not designated to work on campus:

  • Brief 30 minute or less access is open 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday without prior approval.
  • For access exceeding 30 minutes, a schedule must be submitted and approved by a dean or manager. The approved request must then be authorized by Executive VP Bruce Budde. These employees must check in with Campus Police in person at Room 103A or at (309) 694-5223.

Current and prospective students needing to conduct business, attend class or open labs, testing, or attend appointments are permitted to enter ICC buildings.

Visitors are restricted to prospective students and approved vendors/contractors only.

Can I use elevators?

Elevators will be available for a person or people with disabilities.

Will the cafeteria be open for students in housing?

The cafeteria is closed at this time. Residents can contact Campus Housing at (309) 698-2088 or [email protected] for Food Pantry information.

Where are the open computer labs for students? What are the hours?

Open computer labs include the Technology Center 210 on the East Peoria Campus and Hickory Hall 127 on the Peoria Campus.

Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm;
Friday: 8 – 4:30 pm

What procedures are in place for these open computer labs?

Students will be spaced at least six feet apart with only 12 computers in use at one time. Designated employees will be monitoring these rooms to ensure capacity limits, students clean their equipment once finished, and any other concerns. Facilities Services will also be cleaning and sanitizing daily.


What kind of student support and tutoring is available?

Library services and Live Chat virtual support is available 24/7.

Virtual tutoring hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm
Friday: 8 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm

Smarthinking online tutoring support is available on Blackboard 24/7.

What happens if a student cannot complete a course due to a COVID illness/exposure situation?

A student may request an Incomplete for the course. If an Incomplete is not possible, there are procedures in place to request a medical withdrawal and tuition appeal. Contact Enrollment Services for assistance.