About ICC

Success Stories

Each year the Illinois Central College Educational Foundation awards more than $900,000 in scholarships to over 600 students. Accessibility is a vital component of our mission. As dollars from the state continue to decrease this mission becomes even more important. Gifts to the ICC Educational Foundation helps to ensure cost is not a barrier to any person seeking to improve his or her life through the opportunities ICC offers.

Many of our students could not attend college if not for the generous sponsors of our scholarship program. Each student who receives a Foundation scholarship has a unique story.

Some ICC Experiences

“I’m attending ICC to reach my goal of becoming a computer programmer. Thank you for helping me make my new life.”

“My mother just graduated with her Master’s degree after a fifteen-year interim. She is my inspiration to work hard. Thank you for the opportunity to further my education.”

“Thank you for the scholarship. I will use it to become the best teacher I can be and hope to teach the future generation not only book-smarts but also mediation, patience and love.”

“It really takes special people to help do something special for someone that you have never met. I can’t thank you enough for all that you are doing for me.”

“I loved the personal relationships I had with the professors at ICC.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dreams. Maybe someday I will be working for a fine company like yours.”

“I have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 here at ICC… part of this is due to how interesting the classes are and the enthusiasm of my instructors.”

“I hope to use my ICC experiences and education to be a positive influence on others who have to overcome physical, mental or social obstacles in their lives.”

“I have truly enjoyed and find personal satisfaction in the knowledge I have gained thus far in my college experience. I look forward to showing my gratitude by using the scholarship wisely and passing the benefits of my education on to others in our community.”

“Because of the caring instructors at ICC, I was able to surpass what I thought I was capable of doing.”

“I wanted something that would enable me to make a better living for me and my children, and something that would make me feel good about my self again. I realized that my education would be the only thing that would get my children and I out of the rut we were in. I now see how much I had within me just waiting for the opportunity to be brought out. I hate to think of where I would be today had I not pursued an education at ICC.”

“Not only do I attend ICC to learn more and prepare my self for a future in today’s work force, but I am encouraged by the personal rewards I have received and the positive feedback from my teachers.”

“Your generous contribution exemplifies your commitment to enriching not only the recipient but also to the community. Worthy students, who may not receive assistance elsewhere, can receive help to defray the cost of their continued education.”