Class Formats

In-Person is the traditional face-to-face, on-campus experience.

Hybrid courses include a combination of online lectures and in-person classes.

Online Scheduled is an online class at a scheduled time. Students log in to their class at the scheduled times and participate in live, video-supported classes with their instructor and classmates, in addition to completing homework.

Online Anytime is a traditional online course that does not require on-campus attendance. While there will still be regular and scheduled due dates for assignments, students are not required to log in at scheduled times each week to participate in class sessions, though they may be required to log in at specific scheduled times for exams or other assignments, like conferences.

Clinical and Internship experiences continue at the off-campus locations with hosting partners.

Regardless of the way students take classes at ICC, all have access to both in-person and virtual support and services, such as academic support, counseling, free tutoring, library services, career advising, and more.

Class Registration

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