About ICC

Philosophy and Policies

ICC’s purpose is to enable students to reach their educational potential, and to serve as a resource for the educational and cultural needs of the community.

To fulfill its philosophy and mission, the College:

  • Promotes student access through both admission policies and reasonable student costs that encourage enrollment of those who can benefit from the instruction and services offered
  • Enhances the academic and personal development of all students through a full range of support services
  • Provides a broad general education curriculum for students in all programs as a basis for further study and specialization
  • Offers the requirements and prerequisites in preparation for successful transfer to a four-year institution to complete a baccalaureate degree
  • Provides a variety of occupational and technical programs in preparation for successful employment
  • Provides developmental and remedial level studies for students with academic deficiencies
  • Provides opportunities for students to appreciate and benefit from the diversity of people in a global community
  • Offers continuing education opportunities for students interested in meeting personal goals or updating employment skills and pursuing cultural and leisure interests
  • Cooperates with other educational, business, and governmental entities to address educational needs related to the economic health of the residents of the District
  • Provides special cultural, recreational, and general interest events which enrich the life of the community