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Technology Services does not provide Technology Help Desk support for installing or trouble shooting home computer problems. However there are a number of software applications that at home computer owners may find beneficial. ICC does not support or take responsibility for any changes to the home computer that occur as a result of the installation of any software.

Spyware and Tracking Protection Software
Any computer on a network is at risk of having spy ware and tracking software added without the user's knowledge. Two popular applications that you can use to protect your computer and/or network are:

AntiVirus Software
Every computer should have antivirus software with updated virus definitions. These packages are available as evaluation software with the anticipation that you will pay for the software after the software is installed. Remember to also keep the definition files up to date. Antivirus software with old virus data files is next to useless:

Compression Software
If you are uploading or downloading large files you should obtain Compression/ Expansion software. The following software may be downloaded:

Web Browsers
To navigate the web, a web browser is required. PCs generally have Microsoft Internet Explorer; however there are advantages to downloading other browsers. The following web browsers are available for download:

If you are on a web site that requires a plug-in or offers a file stored in a PDF format, you can download the files from one of these sites:

It is important to remember that if you install a newer version of a plug-in over an older one, some of your previously accessed media files may not work.

Office Viewers
To properly view Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, you must either have the program installed on your computer or have another program that can display the file. Many Word processors can open MS Word files without difficulty. Only PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer can open PowerPoint files.

Open Office CDs are available at a minimal charge in the ICC libraries for all students, faculty, and staff.

Open Office
Open Office is compatible with all other major office suites. It is currently loaded on all student lab computers and computers in the library. A CD containing the software can be purchased at all three ICC Libraries for $2.00. This covered the cost of the media and printing the label, the software is free. Any faculty, staff, or student at ICC may purchase this software or download it free over the internet.

This software consists of Writer (word processor), Cale(spreadsheet), Impress (multimedia presentations), Draw (create images), and Base (database). In addition this software is capable of creating PDF files. If you do not have an office suite on your computer at home, this is a inexpensive solution.


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