Am I prepared for online learning?

Successful online learning requires good time management and study skills as well as reliable computer and internet access. Plan for the time you need and assess your study skills with the link below.  Have a “Plan B” if your computer or internet access fails.

Do I have the time for online learning?

Online and hybrid classes take as much time as if not more time than the same class in-person. For every 1 hour you would spend in the classroom, plan for an additional 2-3 hours of work outside of the classroom.

For example, for a 3 credit hour class you should plan for:

  • 3 hours of active online learning (lessons, quizzes, tests, discussions, simulations, research, etc.)
  • Plus 6-9 hours of homework/study
  • Totaling 9-12 hours per week, with more or less time as needed for mastering the online learning environment.

If you are taking a hybrid class, the time you would have spent in class is reduced by not eliminated.  For a 3 credit hour hybrid class, you would still factor 3 hours of learning plus 6-9 hours of homework/study for 9-12 hours per week.

Do I have the study skills necessary?

Take the Study Skills Assessment
Check Communication, Time, Motivation, and Technical factors

Do I have the computer, software, and internet access needed for the class?

You must have access to a computer and a “Plan B” if your primary computer fails.  If you do not own a computer your primary computer fails, you may use computers on ICC campuses.

You must have a reliable internet connection and may need high-speed access for some content delivered in online classes.

You will need an internet browser.  ICC recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  You will also likely need access to a word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.  Your class may also require specific websites, plug-in’s, or software. Consult the class syllabus or the instructor for more information.

You may not be able to complete an entire online class on your smart phone or tablet!  While Blackboard offers an app (search Bb Student by Blackboard from iTunes or Google Play), the app does not offer the full system functionality.  You may also find system functions are limited on a tablet’s browser.  We recommend using a computer or laptop with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Blackboard and complete your online class.