Student Technology

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First Time User

You will be required to change your eServices and email passwords upon first login. For more information, refer to the First Time User Checklist and

First Time User Checklist


eServices Help

ICC Email

Your email address is your [email protected], for example: [email protected]

Email Basics


Getting Started


Ask a Librarian

Microsoft Office

ICC students and faculty are eligible to download Office 365 for free on up to five devices. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Visit Get Office 365 on the Microsoft site to learn more about this program and what’s included, as well as several frequently asked questions.

Wifi on Campus

ICC provides free wifi on all campuses.  Wifi users must accept the terms of wifi usage when accessing the network.  While on campus, open an internet browser and follow the instructions for access.

Smart Printing for Students

Each ICC student is given 300 pages or $15.00 credit for printing each semester.  Additional pages can be purchased through Student Services at $.05 per page in increments of 50 pages.  Printing accounts are reset each semester; balances will NOT roll-over to the next semester.  Color printing is available in the library on the East Peoria Campus.

Smart printing limits print requests to:
20 pages in libraries
20 pages in support labs
24 pages in computer classrooms

Tuition Payment

Payment Tutorials


Alert and emergency messaging through email, voice, and text messaging

Login Instructions

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Login ID/Username, Passwords
(309) 694-5457

Enrollment, Tuition
(309) 694-5600

Financial Aid
(309) 694-5311

General Information
(309) 694-5422