Welcome Back for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

It has been a very busy week here at ICC and as everyone is settling in for the new academic year, I am reminded about the excitement and fear that go along with a new start—whether it is beginning at a new school, moving to a new area, or starting a new relationship.

Some of my favorite memories of the new school year are the joy of having all-new school supplies and a new outfit for the first day. Fortunately, my mom didn’t subject us to the same torture that I subject my children to on the first day — pictures, poses, signs with their grade and information — but I have great memories of the excitement of the first day. I still have that excitement for the first day — for my children and for you as an ICC student. Whether this is your first semester or your fifth, I hope that there was some of that excitement as you walked on to campus on the first day and I really hope that you can maintain that excitement throughout your time at ICC as you learn new things and meet new people. Of course, there is sometimes fear and anxiety as we start a new chapter. I hope that these feelings have been soothed — but if not, be sure to talk to someone! We have counselors on staff, Success Coaches waiting to help, and so many friendly faces around campus. Ask any of us and we will direct you to the right resources to help you be successful.

As we are moving toward our 50th anniversary as an institution, we have been able to hear the stories that students share about how their education at ICC has prepared them for great things. I heard many different stories about what brings students to college. We have returning students who may have grown discontent with their previous careers or who have had the decision made for them with plant closures and downsizing. We have students who always have known they would go to college and some who never thought they could go to college who now realize that they can. We have students who have sent their own children off to school and are ready for “their turn” in education. Check out the Potential Unleashed series available on our You Tube channel and maybe we can entice YOU to be one of the next testimonials to the great things that ICC can do for others in our community.

As I walked around campus over the past week and a half, I have seen many students taking the time to engage in the campus… but I saw even more who wouldn’t look up from their phones. Take some time to look around, talk to someone new and seize the promise of the new year and make your fresh start! There is nothing wrong with checking in on your phone — but you will have a better experience if you use your phone to take a selfie with your new classmates, share phone numbers with a study buddy, or use the new mobile app (available on iTunes under MyICC). We hope that you will find new ways to reach your potential — whether it is taking a step towards a new career, learning something new through a class with the PDI (Professional Development Institute), starting a new exercise plan with our state-of-the-art Fitness Center, or making our campus a better place by taking the time to share a smile or a conversation with a person you’ve never met. The sun is shining and it is going to be a great semester!

— Dr. Tracy Morris, Vice President of Student Services