CTE Month : Turning communication into a career

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month at ICC. This month ICC is highlighting students from various CTE programs.

Nick Brown has a passion for communication. As a student in ICC’s Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), Nick is learning to interpret for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities.

“[A] really good friend of mine convinced me to enter the program, and I am very grateful she encouraged me…I like talking to people and this program is helping me to communicate with people who I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

At ICC, Nick found a perfect fit for his needs and goals. In addition to offering the classes he needed to become a Sign Language Interpreter, Nick also likes the atmosphere that ICC offers.

“I love how there’s more opportunities for your questions to be heard and you have better interaction with the teachers.”

Although he does not know exactly what job he would like to pursue after graduating, Nick plans to go into interpreting in educational or community settings. Someday he would like to be a Nationally Certified Interpreter, and he also wants to learn to interpret for more languages as well.

In the meantime though, Nick is enjoying his time in the IPP program.

“…I look forward to the days I have to go to class because of my fellow students in the program…it’s a wonderful experience made all the better because of them.”

At ICC, you can find a program that matches your interests and enjoy yourself along the way. Find out more today!

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