CTE Month : A change of plans leads to success

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month at ICC. This month ICC is highlighting students from various CTE programs.

For Interpreter Preparation Program student Marie Freeman, the path to her ideal career took a few twists and turns along the way. Marie first planned for a career in Speech and Language Pathology. After earning her Associate’s at ICC and moving on to a four year university, she found that the atmosphere there was not a good fit for her.

“I was a number, not a person,” she says about the experience.

After leaving the four year school, Marie got in contact with the head of the Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP).

“I had always talked about interpreting as a backup plan, but I never thought I would need it…I decided I would give interpreting a try.”

Marie is very happy with her new program. She says her classmates are like “family” to her, and has high praise for the IPP staff.

“The teachers and advisors for the IPP are exemplary and are all involved in the deaf community in some way and are great examples of the professional I aspire to be.”

Marie has managed to balance a busy life with her class schedule. She is Vice President of the SIGN Club at ICC, and also attends Silent Suppers to practice her Sign Language skills. In addition to all this, Marie is also a wife and mother.

Marie is close to graduating from the Interpreter Preparation Program, and is looking toward her career in Sign Language Interpretation.

“I like the flexibility that interpreting gives me…I am looking forward to my future as an interpreter and I am also glad that Speech Pathology didn’t work out for me.”

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