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University Student looking for a class

Step 1
Apply to ICC

Admission Forms are available online ( for your convenience or send a paper copy to: Enrollment Services, 1 College Dr., East Peoria, IL, 61635.

Step 2
Send the Paperwork

Provide an unofficial copy of your college/university transcript or official ACT scores to: Enrollment Services, 1 College Dr., East Peoria, IL 61635

Step 3
Take the Academic Placement Test, if required

All transfer level English/composition, math, and general education courses at ICC require an ACT score of 18 or Compass reading score of 81.

If you have previously taken an English/composition or math courses at your university, you may have already fulfilled this pre-requisite for the course you want to take. Please contact the appropriate academic department for the course you are interested in taking. The departmental dean will review your transcript for departmental approval. For English/composition call (309) 694-5342 - for math call (309) 694-5365

If you want to take English or math at ICC, call (309) 694-5234 or go online ( to schedule an appointment to take the test.

Step 4
Enroll in the Class

After you meet with your academic advisor to plan your course schedule, go online or visit Enrollment Services to complete your enrollment.

Remember to make financial arrangements for your tuition

Tuition payment can be made in person by cash, check, or credit card. You may also pay tuition online in full or through a payment plan.

For full information, download our Paying Tuition at ICC guide.