Striving to make a difference

ICC student Kiara Baskin is striving for a career in marketing.

Kiara’s journey, however, hasn’t come without difficulty and a lot of hard work.

In addition to being full-time student at ICC, Kiara supports herself through jobs at Home Depot and the ICC Library, and she serves as a student ambassador with the Trio program at ICC.

As a Trio Ambassador, Kiara seeks out students who are struggling in their studies and finds ways to encourage and motivate them to succeed. Her own motivation comes from what she wants to achieve with her degree in Business Administration/Marketing.

“I have found that this major is very long and intense, but I have also found that it requires hard work and determination, and I believe I have both of those qualities to succeed,” Kiara shared.

Kiara is working to transfer to a four-year university and earn a bachelor’s in marketing. Her education is preparing her for a career when she graduates – her dream: New York City.

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