Single Mother sets out to be Lawyer

ICC Criminal Justice major Kadeja McElmurry has big plans for her and her two-year-old son’s future.

After graduating from Central High School in 2012, Kadeja set out to lay the groundwork for her future by gaining insight into court, security, police and corrections operations through ICC’s Criminal Justice program. She has even gained real-world experience into the criminal justice system by volunteering at both a juvenile detention center and the Bartonville Police Department.

“My goal is to become a lawyer, but I would also love to work as a police officer or as a probation/parole officer with teenagers who are dealing with peer pressure, family problems, and personal problems,” said Kadeja. “I’ve always had a love for kids and trying to teach them new things.

Kadeja has a long road ahead of her to become a lawyer, but she has plenty of motivation to succeed. She is the first in her family to attend college and has the care and support of her great-grandparents.

“Neither one of my parents attended college, however I feel it’s necessary for me to attend so I can become a lawyer and be able to take care of myself and my child financially,” said Kadeja.

After finishing here at ICC, Kadeja plans to continue her educational journey at either the University of Illinois or Bradley.

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