Serving those who have served : Molly Steinseifer

ICC Social Sciences student Molly Steinseifer has a passion for helping veterans.

After her cousin was killed in combat in Samarra, Iraq, Molly became friends with many members of his unit.

As I grew closer to them, I began to see obstacles and barriers they faced when transitioning to civilian life, including re-enlisting out of fear of lack of employment, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even challenges obtaining benefits to which they were entitled,” Molly explained.

Seeing the struggles of soldiers who had served alongside her cousin helped Molly realize how she can make a difference.

In addition to taking classes at ICC, Molly works at the Goodwill of Central Illinois Veterans’ Services Department to help remove barriers veterans face when seeking employment. Molly is currently completing an associate degree and hopes to transfer to an online university where she can earn a bachelors in Social Work while continuing to serve the men and women of the armed forces.

ICC’s flexible classes have allowed Molly to work while going to school so she can gain real-world experience helping veterans as she completes her degree. The Florine Derrickson Scholarship through the ICC Educational Foundation helped Molly pay for classes.

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