New Things Tomorrow!:: Warehouse Sale

Don’t forget that ICC Surplus is having a Warehouse Sale on Thursday, October 9 from 9-3 PM.

There’s a ton more metal cabinetry, shelving, and file cabinets for sale than was originally anticipated to be!  Chairs galore, enough kitchen utensils for an army, a forest of four artificial trees  and maps so you know where you are in the world.   In addition, we’ve got “Each item on this table costs…$10, $5, or $1.” tables.  Genius!

The Surplus Site will be disabled until the online inventory is up-to-date.HPIM4631 HPIM4646 HPIM4645 HPIM4644 HPIM4643 HPIM4642 HPIM4639 HPIM4638 HPIM4637