ICC Website Spring 2017 Changes: Home Page Events

As we talked about previously in ICC Website Spring 2017 Changes: Above the Fold, quite a few changes are coming to the front page of this spring. This week we will cover the changes to ICC Events.

Featured Events

Since the top of the website will be used primarily for student and admissions focus, events will no longer be advertised using the old slider method:

Old Events


Instead, events will now be located below the fold right underneath the Enrollment Quick Links:

New Events

We added a new section called Featured Events along side College Events and the Academic Calendar.

While the featured events are mostly for recruitment events, other big time events may be able to share the spotlight from time to time, such as the American Red Cross blood drive.

Want your event(s) featured? Contact [email protected] with information about your event(s).

College Events

Next to Featured Events is the full calendar listing of College Events. This section will display an all-encompassing list of events happening on campus. Events are now linked to a separate page where you can find all the details surrounding a specific event.


Academic Calendar

Aside from it’s new look the Academic Calendar remains the same. This section is still the official academic calendar along with academic events and important deadlines. It’s styled differently to denote it’s importance.

Underneath both the Academic Calendar and College Events is a Get More button that will open up a full 30-day calendar, as seen here:

Here you can click the links for more details, use the keyword search to find particular events, or change the view from Month to List in the upper right corner:

List View:

That’s all the changes regarding the events section of the new website, but stay tuned for the last post regarding the new News section.