ICC Website Spring 2017 Changes: Above the Fold

Illinois Central College’s website will soon be updated to provide prospective and current students alike a more user friendly experience. A lot will be changed in the days to come, so let’s dive right into it.

New Feature 

The most important reason for the change is the addition of a program keyword search!

The keyword search will allow users to quickly find programs offered at ICC based off their interests. For example, a user can search terms like, “medicine, doctor, nurse, health, fitness, hospital” and get program results for Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Pre-Medical, etc. Users can also type full sentences and still get results, for example, “I would like to be a nurse” will return results based around nursing.

After receiving program search results, users can compare up to 3 different programs or request more information. So no more digging through the catalogue to find that one class you are interested in! The right program for you is now just a click away.

The Times are a Changin’

We want to really show off our student’s success here at ICC so you will notice our banner has become a whole lot bigger than previous iterations. Banners will now take up a significant amount of browser real estate and be less event focused and more focused around student profiles and admissions. This means some things had to be moved.


Search will be moved into the site navigation menu adjacent to the Directory & Maps menu.

Quicklink Buttons

Links to Blackboard, Student Email, and eServices will be moved to the My ICC dropdown menu next to Students.

Enrollment Buttons

Early College (Dual Credit) and Campus Visits have been added to the Apply Now, Class Schedule, Request Information buttons and have been moved underneath the new program keyword search with added descriptions.

Old Look:

New Look:

Now with descriptions: 

These are just a few of the changes coming to the ICC website this spring. Stay tuned for more info!