ICC Student Trustee – Candidate Declaration

It’s almost time to elect an ICC Student Trustee for the 2015-2016 academic year.

You can represent the ICC student body on the Board of Trustees!

The Board, which is composed of eight members elected from the college district, adopts and enforces policies and rules for financing, governing, operating, and administering the college.

The Student Trustee has an advisory vote on the Board, may make and second motions, attend executive sessions, and express opinions and preferences on votes taken during the monthly business meetings.

Students interested in running for the office of student trustee must submit the attached Declaration of Candidacy Packet by Friday, February 13 at 12 noon to the office of Student Leadership and Engagement — East Peoria Campus : Room 303A

Campaigning will begin on February 16 — Student Trustee Elections will be held on March 4&5. Voting will be online with additional voting locations in the East Peoria Campus Atrium.

Illinois Central College – Student Government Association : Student Trustee Packet