CTE Month : Finding success through nursing

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month at ICC. This month ICC is highlighting students from various CTE programs.

Nursing was a natural choice for ICC Nursing program graduate Kyler Samp.

“I have always liked caring for other people. I am the oldest child in my household and have been helping take care of others my entire life.”

Kyler also credits volunteer work in a nursing home, a high school course of Anatomy and Physiology, and a time spent visiting in a hospital with pushing her towards pursuing nursing as a career.

“My grandfather was in and out of the hospital for several years when I was a young teen. I was always so amazed at the skill and knowledge of the people in different medical fields that helped to care for my grandfather.”

At ICC, Kyler was active in the Honor’s Program, the Student Nurses of ICC, and the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. She says the smaller class sizes available at ICC helped make it all possible.

“Instead of a large university where you sit in a lecture hall with 100 other people…ICC offers small class sizes where you truly get to know your professors and your classmates. Many of my professors were able to help me with extra projects that were required for me to complete the Honor’s Program.”

Since completing her Associate’s Degree from ICC, Kyler is completing her Bachelor’s in Nursing at the OSF School of Nursing, while also working full-time at the OSF St. Francis Medical Center. Once her Bachelor’s is complete, she plans to complete an advanced nursing degree so that she can be an Advanced Practice Nurse.

“ICC…has allowed me to earn a degree, obtain my registered nurse license, and obtain a full time nursing job all by the age of 20. ICC has helped me to get a head-start in life, and because I plan to pursue an advanced degree, this has allowed me more freedom, experience, and time to accomplish my long-term goals.”

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