Construction Update: East Peoria Campus

Construction will be occurring in the Student Services Corridor for approximately four to five weeks.

Areas impacted:

  • Student Accounting
  • Financial Aid
  • Enrollment Services

Students can find these services in room 238A. All phone numbers remain the same.

Pam Smith, Cindy Charlier, and Carrie Wolf have moved temporarily to Arbor Hall on the Peoria Campus:

  • Pam Smith – Room A02B
  • Cindy Charlier –  Room A02H
  • Carrie Wolf – Room A02J

Testing will remain in its currently location. Those taking Pearson tests were rescheduled to the Peoria Campus.

Please note that through-traffic for the hallway is re-routed during the demolition.

The Student Services corridor will be blocked off until around September 25, 2017.

The construction will provide a better environment for Enrollment Services and Financial Aid to meet the needs of our students. The remodeling includes increased access to kiosks for self-service and greater privacy for face-to-face interactions with our staff. Additionally, the new configuration will provide a friendlier, more personal atmosphere for student-staff interactions.