Making a difference through chemistry

ICC Sophomore Jacob Seiver wants to help others through complex chemistry!

Not everyone gets excited at the thought of chemical equations…but for Jacob Seiver, an ICC Transfer Student studying chemistry and pharmacology, talking robotics, biology, and medicine are what make him come alive.

An introvert at heart, Jacob discovered his educational goals through strategy and robotics. Getting involved in the Dunlap Eagles Robotics Team unlocked his passion for tweaking minute details to bring about big results. But programming a small robot is just the start — Jacob is studying to unlock the mysteries of the human body.

“The chemistry that goes on in the body is hugely important, and manipulating that to defeat diseases or unlock hidden potential is a part of why I want to study it.  If the problem is not already solved by the time I receive my degree, I would like to work on synthesizing a new antibiotic to replace our failing reserves,” Jacob shared.

Jacob is building a foundation at ICC in chemistry and the sciences that will benefit him as he transfers to Western Illinois University in the fall. One day, he might even be creating the medicine we use everyday.

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