Scantron Services

The Library grades Scantron tests.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What answer sheets do I need to use?

Accepted Scantron sheets are sized, 8 1/2 x 11.  Faculty should obtain Scantron sheets from their academic department office.

Where do I drop off answer sheets?

For faster results, Scantron packets can be dropped off in-person at any library location. They may also be sent via campus mail (this may delay receiving results).

What should I submit with my answer sheets?

Include the answer key and Scantron Request Form with the answer sheets.

What reports are available and how are they different?
  • The Roster Report lists the students name and the number of correct answers. This report is available in PDF and/or Excel format.
  • The Item Analysis Report analyzes questions on the exam for distractors, response frequencies, and other indicators that can help improve test quality.  There are two versions, Standard and Detailed, and both reports can be generated in either PDF or Excel formats.
  • The Class Response Report provides a class overview of each student’s answers to the test questions.
  • The Student Test Report is similar to the Class Response Report, except that it provides one page per student.  This report is useful to give to students.
How do I get my results?

Results are emailed to the address on your request form.

How soon will I get my results?

Results are usually available within 24 hours of receiving the packet. Some exceptions may apply during midterms, finals and weekends.

How do I get my forms back?

Forms are either returned via campus mail or can be picked up in the library.

What do I need to tell students before they take their test?
  • They must input their 7-digit ID number in the Student ID section of the form and fill in the corresponding bubbles.
  • They must provide at least their last name in the name section and fill in the corresponding bubbles.
  • They must use a #2 pencil.
I still have questions!

Please contact Amy Glass by email or call (309) 694-5748 or call (309) 694-5620 at the East Peoria Campus Library with any Scantron questions.