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As a faculty member working with interns, you are well versed on the importance of offering these opportunities to our students. Hopefully the following materials will be of some assistance in developing a successful internships.

ICC Internship Agreement

An internship agreement is to be signed by the intern, the department Dean, the Internship Supervisor, and you prior to the beginning of the internship. If your program currently does not use a similar agreement, use this ICC Internship Agreement.

Compiled from both from external and internal ideas and approaches is a list of best practices for faculty who advise student interns.

Communicate Regularly

Schedule an introductory meeting with the intern to go over both the academic requirements (how he/she is to receive college credit for this experience), as well as the job duties and expectations presented by the internship sponsor.

Also, having monthly or weekly meetings allows you to better assess the value of the internship as well as locate potential areas of concern.

Assist your intern with a journal and/or portfolio


Get Feedback from Intern and Internship Supervisor

At the conclusion of the internship, have the student return for an exit interview where you can discuss his/her experience and simulate a professional interview setting.

Likewise, the intern and internship Supervisor can fill out a post evaluation to help determine if the internship is in step with our general educational goals. Here is a sample Post Internship Assessment that you can either use of modify to your needs as well as some Post Internship Assessment - Best Practices.