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Businesses & Organizations

Internships are a critical component to professional success, and we are excited to collaborate with you. Here are some resources you may need to develop a productive internship experience - benefitting our students and you. It is recommended that you review the documents in the order.

Step 1
Consider if your business or organization can support an intern

Interns require direct supervision of existing employees and management. Will your current staff schedule meeting times, job shadowing, and provide general support for the intern during his/her time with your company?

Also consider the time committment to develop a job description, set up appropriate internship sponsors, assess the student’s abilities during the internship, and possibly track the number of hours the intern completes during his/her tenure with your company.

Step 2
Create an internship job description

The following document can be downloaded to assist in your creation of an internship job description: Creating an Internship Job Description and Sample Internship Job Description

Below are excepts from those documents to help first consider if an internship is right for you.

Specific Job Duties
What tasks will the intern peform? Consider assigning weekly tasks as well as long-term projects so that the student can be active with your company. Please consult the Best Practices guide when developing a list of job duties.

Determine Qualification
Do you prefer students from a specific ICC Program of Study? Is there a recommended list of courses you’d prefer a student have completed prior to applying? What personal qualities are necessary for a student intern to be successful?

Estimate Working Hours Necessary
It is recommended that internships be scheduled according to the academic calendar, as faculty advisors need to be available during the term of the student’s internship.

While we encourage paid internships, it’s up to you what will work within your budget. To Pay or Not to Pay? That is the Question!, provides additional considerations regarding this decision.

Step 3
Post your internship with ICC

We work with College Central Network to help coordinate internships. Follow these directions to get started:

  • Head over to the College Central Network website
  • Scroll to the bottom to select “Employers"
  • Develop an access ID and password
  • Follow the link to post available internships (be sure to post an internship; not a job posting)

Step 4
Interview Candidates

It is important to note that a student must receive approval from both an Academic Dean and his/her Faculty Advisor once the student has been identified as a candidate for an internship in order for the student to receive college credit for the experience.

Step 5
Finalize ICC Internship Agreement

Once "hired", the intern's Faculty Advisor will provide this agreement. The Intern, his/her Faculty Advisor, you and our Academic Dean will each need to sign before work begins. The Faculty Advisor will need the final agreement to make the appropriate copies for all parties.

You can download a preview sample of the Internship Agreement.

Step 6
Post-Internship Evaluation

You may also be asked to complete a post-internship assessment. This will serve better the internship program.