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Inside ICC

Mission Statement

An organization's mission statement describes why it exists.

Illinois Central College, like all community colleges, has a state mandated purpose. ICC's purpose, as approved by the ICC Board of Trustees, is "to enable students to reach their educational potential, and to serve as a resource for the educational and cultural needs of the community." In addition to this shared purpose among community colleges, ICC also has a mission statement that is its own, developed through the efforts of the students, staff, and community.

In 2007, the College conducted "core values conversations." Through the collaborative efforts of nearly 200 students, staff, and community members, the Core Values behaviors and a new mission statement emerged. ICC's mission statement reflects the strong belief that what is taught and learned at the College provides people with the ability to change the world, whether it's the world within their immediate grasp, the world of the Central Illinois community, or even the global world.

ICC's official mission statement is:

"Through learning, minds change.
We believe by changing minds, we can change the world."