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Inside ICC

Blueprint For The Future

The Blueprint for the Future is a living document updated annually to address the emerging challenges we face as a College. A comprehensive scan of our community; data gathered through surveys of staff, students, and community; focus groups; trends in higher education; self-studies; and other sources of information help us focus our improvement efforts. Below are the strategies and objectives for each of the three strategic priorities which will be the focus for the next three years. By focusing on these areas, we hope to achieve our goal of being nationally recognized for student success among community colleges by 2016 and move closer to achieving our vision of creating “an exceptional educational experience” for the people we serve at ICC.

Strategic Priority: Student Learning

Enhance academic and student support systems
Support African American students

Strategic Priority: Outreach

Develop a Virtual Campus
Create short-term workforce readiness programs
Develop ICC North

Strategic Priority: Workforce

Develop a comprehensive employee recruitment plan

Strategic Priority: Communication

Improve web communication