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AQIP stands for Academic Quality Improvement Program. It is an accrediting project of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association (NCA), which is the organization that accredits higher education institutions in this region.

AQIP Accreditation Process

ICC applied and was accepted as an accredited AQIP institution in May, 2006. In the AQIP version of accreditation, the College identifies three or four action projects that address specific opportunities for improvement. Then, a team is formed to work on those action projects and to submit periodic reports to the HLC. You can view our most recent accreditation documents in our System Portfolio.

Continuous Improvement Principles

AQIP is modeled on the principles of Continuous Improvement, which incorporates a variety of strategies to make organizations better. Some of the important principles of the Continuous Improvement philosophy in an educational institution include:

Traditional Accreditation Process

In the past, when ICC applied for re-accreditation, a group of individuals worked on committees and wrote a document describing the College. This process took about two years and resulted in a document (called a Self-Study) that was sent to the North Central Association (NCA). After reviewing the Self-Study, the NCA sent a team to our campus for an on-site review. Illinois Central College last underwent this process in 2002 and was awarded the maximum ten-year re-accreditation at that time. You can view our 2002 NCA Self-Study in our Historical Documents.