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Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology

eServices (PeopleSoft) Resources

ICC employees with questions about basic eServices (PeopleSoft) functions or faculty who need assistance with Class, Academic Warning, Attendance or Grade rosters may contact Teaching and Learning Center staff for assistance; [email protected], 309-694-8908 or 240A on the East Peoria Campus; visit for TLC hours.


Employee Technology Guides

Step by Step Skill Sheet [PDF, 8/20/2014]
Work through the sheet at your own pace to learn how to use the technologies you will be using as an ICC employee.

eServices Personalization Guide [PDF, 1/16/2014]
Access eServices (PeopleSoft) and customize the screens to meet your needs.

Blackboard - New Employee Required Traning Guide [PDF, 1/16/2014]
Skill sheet is designed to help you access the online tutorials available to ICC employees through Blackboard.

eServices (PeopleSoft) for Faculty Guides

eServices @ ICC: Basic Roster Management [PDF, 8/11/2014]
Manage Class rosters, Attendance, Academic Warning and Grade rosters in eServices (PeopleSoft).

eServices @ ICC: Printing Class Rosters (with or without Photos) [PDF, 8/11/2014]
There are known issues with printing through web browsers from eServices and other programs. This option or other options such as reducing text size or controlling print options through Print Preview may also be solutions to printing challenges. For more assistance contact the ICC Help Desk, 694-5457 or the TLC, 694-8908.

eServices @ ICC: Advanced Roster Management [PDF] [PDF, 8/11/2014]
Run Class Roster Options, Add/Drop Notification Report, Notify (Email) Students through Class Rosters, Student Information Lookup, Clearing browser cache and history.

Additional Resources

ICCNET - ICC intranet (On-Campus, only)
Access eServices resources by going to ICCNET or
Locate the PeopleSoft Training Materials link and additional resources on these topics: