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Diversity Awards

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The Intercultural Diversity Committee’s Diversity Award recognizes employees who have made exceptional efforts to advance diversity at Illinois Central College.

Some of the suggested criteria for the Faculty Diversity Award, includes:

  • Incorporates diverse values in the classroom;
  • Makes the classroom accessible for and supportive of
    diverse learning styles;
  • Uses innovative teaching methods to support students with special learning needs; and/or
  • Mentors underrepresented students

Some of the suggested criteria for the Staff Diversity Award, includes:

  • Incorporates diverse values in their position;
  • Displays a commitment to diverse cultures, religions,
    and abilities;
  • Contributes to the cross-cultural environment of the College; and/or
  • Mentors underrepresented students

Staff Diversity Award Winner

2011 - James “Agbara” Bryson, Counselor, Advisement and Counseling

“Mr. Bryson is an exceptional counselor, teacher, and mentor. He founded a program at ICC called Harvesting Dreams. This program is designed to help students overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Mr. Bryson goes above and beyond to help students with their educational needs and will go that extra mile to ensure that each person has the tools to succeed at Illinois Central College. It’s not often that one sees a teacher out in the lobby, lunch room or the school grounds talking and interacting with the students as he does. Mr. Bryson embraces not only students but their parents as well. He has an open door policy for anyone needing assistance with their academic needs. He is a true person and students can feel his sincerity when it comes to their education. He has helped many students to take a holistic approach regarding their future. Everyone has a purpose in this world and he teaches students to find that purpose and strive for the best.”

2010 - Jimmie Moore, Director, Alternative High School


Faculty Diversity Award Winner

2010 - Kimberly Roe, Associate Professor, Arts and Communication