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Instructional Innovation and Instructional Technology

Faculty & Staff Development


New Full-Time Faculty 2012

New Full-Time Faculty pictured in banner above:

Top Row Left to Right: 
Group 1-Kevin Wells, BHIS; Martin Savolskis, Arts & Comm; Lena Yurs, M/S/E; Joe Gunther, AIT; Ana Montenegro, Fulbright Scholar from Brazil
Group 2-Megan Foster-Campbell, Arts & Comm; Stan Mendenhall, SS; Mary Phelps-Clayton, SS; Annette Moore, HC
Group 3-Anastasia Samoylova, Arts & Comm; Jennifer Haines, HC; Yasmine Sichaib, Fulbright Scholar from Algeria; Mary Sams, HC
Bottom Row Left to Right:
Group 1-Adam Saatkamp, BHIS; Cody Domenghini, AIT; Rebekah Fuller-Fricke, SS; Mischelle Weaver, HC; Ioana Sirbu, M/S/E
Group 2-Cathleen Korondi, HC; Trevor Imm, AIT; Nicole Voelker, BHIS; Dr. Margaret Swanson, VPAA; Nicholas Busch, SS


Need to upgrade or enhance your skills for your role at ICC?

You may be eligible to register for a workshop at The Professional Development Institute, PDI. PDI offers a variety of computer and business effectiveness workshops.  ICC personnel may attend PDI workshops at a discounted rate when the workshop directly applies to the staff member’s job function and he/she has supervisory approval.  Discounted rates are generally available for computer training and business effectiveness/leadership training.  See PDI’s full schedule at their website:  Additionally, Organizational Learning can provide or work with PDI to provide coaching for individuals and departmental-specific workshops for groups. 
Information and Registration Details [PDF]

ICC's Leadership Series

This series is designed to inspire and equip ICC employees with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the college as we face the changing needs of our students, community, and colleagues. The series consists of six Inspiring Leadership Modules taken through PDI and nine Manager Modules taken through Organizational Learning and Human Resources. The series should take approximately two years to complete with a certificate of completion awarded at the end. More information about the series and modules can be found on the PDI website, the ICC Organizational Learning News weekly email, or the attached documents. Additional information can be found by contacting Ellen George or Tracy Brewer at PDI or Janice Kinsinger at Instructional Innovation & Learning Resources.

Leadership Series Online Flip Book [WEBSITE]
Leadership Series Book for PRINT or DOWNLOAD [PDF]
This book provides; an overview of the Leadership Series, descriptions for each of the PDI courses and Manager Learning Modules, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Blended Leadership Series Map [PDF]
This map illustrates the blending of PDI Inspiring Leadership Modules with ICC Manager Modules to create the ICC Leadership Series. The map indicates required modules, elective modules, and the leadership skill sets associated with each module.

PDI Inspiring Leadership Schedule [PDF]
This schedule outlines the dates that PDI Inspiring Leadership modules will be offered.

ICC Leadership Series [PDF]
This 2-page document highlights the modules in the series, summarizes the program recommendations, describes the ICC Manager Modules, and notes the registration process.

Leadership Series Checklist [DOCX]
This document provides a self-checklist to monitor your own progress through the series.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

Workplace Safety and Environmental Training :: Online
Need workplace safety and environmental training? Tim Anderson, ICC Safety and Insurance Coordinator, has access to online training modules for a number of topics including bloodborne pathogens, defensive driving, ergonomics, first aid, food handling and lab safety. An assortment of management/soft skills online modules are also available.

For more information, please contact Tim Anderson, 694-8911.

Wellness Works

Wellness Works is a point-based wellness program that is designed to encourage ALL Illinois Central College employees (full and part-time) and retirees to participate in wellness activities throughout the year.

Wellness Works offers an excellent opportunity for wellness-oriented personal growth and development with great incentives for ICC employees!

Check out the Wellness Works website for more details: 

For more information contact Health Services at (309) 694-5475.

2012-13 FACULTY Handbook [PDF] (opens in new window)

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation

An evening orientation session is offered each semester for new adjunct faculty.

Faculty Information

(These documents can also be found on our intranet in the faculty section on the right side of the page). If you have questions, contact your Associate Dean or Janice Kinsinger at 694-5758.