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Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard Training

Blackboard and Online Teaching Workshops & Training Opportunities

The Teaching and Learning Center offers numerous workshops and training opportunities, both in-person and online, throughout the year to help enhance your Blackboard courses and online teaching experiences. View an overview of opportunities offered throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, and contact the TLC to RSVP.
See the 2014-2015 schedule [PDF]

Blackboard At-A-Glance

Visit the TLC staff each month for a quick glance at specific Blackboard tools and features.  Basic topics will be offered during the first week and advanced topics will be offered during the third week of each month.  The same session will be repeated on both days, so participants may attend either day.
See the 2014-2015 schedule and topics [pdf]

Blackboard Cleanup
The TLC staff offers sessions at the beginning and end of each semester to assist you in preparing and cleaning up your course. Sessions will be posted on the Organizational Learning calendar.

Blackboard Grade Center
TLC staff will offer Grade Center Checkup sessions to ensure your Blackboard Grade Center is properly setup and ready for the semester. Sessions will be posted on the Organizational Learning calendar. .

TLC Customized Guides

Beginning a Semester [PDF] [8/2014]

Ending a Semester [PDF] [8/2014]

Additional help files and videos are available at the Blackboard Help site.

Browser Check

Browser Check Tool

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is an interactive web conferencing environment that can be used as a virtual classroom, allowing instructors to instruct and interact with their students in a live online environment.  It also opens up possibilities for offering online office hours, online tutoring, and holding online meetings or webinars.

If you are interested in using Blackboard Collaborate, visit the Collaborate resources page or contact the Teaching and Learning Center staff for more information or training—[email protected] or (309) 694-8908. 

Blackboard Help for Students

Blackboard Help for students is located on the Blackboard login page.

Blackboard Access @ ICC

Respondus for Test Questions

Respondus is a program which puts test questions into a Blackboard-compatible format.  If you have questions in paper or electronic format, contact a TLC staff member to learn more about Respondus functionality and how it may save you time in copying or typing questions.  Questions? 
Contact the TLC at [email protected] or (309) 694-8908. 

Batch Enrollment REQUEST FORM

Batch Enroll: Request Batch Enrollment
Requests will be processed in an
order-received basis within 48 hrs, Mon.-Fri.
DO NOT SUBMIT until 48 hrs before you wish students to be enrolled in the course.

We cannot honor special requests, such as processing enrollments on a specific day or after a specific date.  Questions? 
Contact the TLC at [email protected] or (309) 694-8908. 

New Blackboard Course REQUEST FORM

New Blackboard Course Request Form
If you need a new course setup in Blackboard, submit the form above. Requests will be processed in an order-received basis within 48 hrs. Mon. through Fri.
Contact the TLC at [email protected] or (309) 694-8908. 

Support & Assistance

Blackboard users, faculty, staff, and student, who need a Blackboard password reset may contact the Help Desk, 309-694-5457

For Student assistance with using Blackboard, visit the Learning Lab, East Peoria 236A, Cedar 136 at ICC North, or Thomas Bldg. Library at the Downtown Peoria campus.

For Faculty assistance with Blackboard, contact the Teaching & Learning Center Staff