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Future Students


District 514 residents:

$115 per semester hour

District 514 residents: (effective fall 2014)

$125 per semester hour

Online classes:

$115 per semester hour

Online classes: (effective fall 2014)

$125 per semester hour

(in- and out-of-district, out-of-state/international students)

District 514 residents, age 65 or older:

FREE (credit classes only)

Out-of-district Illinois residents:

$255 per semester hour

Out-of-district Illinois residents: (effective fall 2014)

$270 per semester hour

(NOT authorized by their Community College Board for partial tuition payment)

Out-of-state residents/ International Students:

$285 per semester hour

Out-of-state residents/ International Students: (effective fall 2014)

$310 per semester hour

Community Education activities and Professional Development Institute:

(costs associated with the class)

Charge authorizations for scholarships, grants and financial assistance must be authorized by the Financial Assistance Office. District chargebacks and miscellaneous agency authorizations must be completed and received by the Student Accounting Office, L210. All authorizations must be completed and received prior to the tuition due date of the semester. Illinois Central College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without notice.

Prior to enrollment:

  • Make arrangements with Financial Assistance if needed (room L209)
  • Submit all agency charge authorizations through Student Service Center, room L210
  • Clear past due college accounts

Any required course fee is listed with each course in the class schedule published each semester. Many noncredit classes such as crafts, recreation, and Institute seminars are not supported by tax dollars - instead, participants pay the cost. We reserve the right to change fees and tuition without notice.

* If you reside in an Illinois community college district which does not offer a program available at Illinois Central College, you may be eligible for Partial Student Support (chargeback) from your legal, or home district. The application for Partial Student Support should be submitted to your home district community college board at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester. If the application is properly filed and approved by the board, you're entitled to receive partial support for out-of-district tuition charges at Illinois Central College.