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Purchasing Textbooks with Financial Aid

Eligible enrolled students, whose grant, loan and/or scholarship funds exceed their outstanding charges on their ICC student account, may be eligible to use a bookstore charge to purchase books and supplies against their pending aid. These charges are automatically set up for Pell eligible and loan students to use as the bookstore two weeks prior to classes starting for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Books and supplies must be purchased before any other bookstore items such as laptops, other electronics and clothing can be purchased.

It is important that you have finalized your enrollment and have submitted all requested financial aid documents to ensure an accurate bookstore charge is set up in a timely manner for your use in the bookstore. If you do not have all requested items submitted to the Financial Aid office you will not be eligible for a bookstore charge.

Bookstore charges open two weeks prior to the start of the academic semester and are closed the third Wednesday of each semester. Once the bookstore charges are closed, all charges made by the student will be posted to their ICC student account and will remain as an outstanding balance owed until the financial aid funds are received by ICC.