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ICC Retirees Association

ICCRA Newsletter
(May 2014)

Welcome! The ICCRA is a chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA), which monitors the legislative process in Springfield. It also has local activities.

All current employees who contribute to SURS are eligible to join ICCRA even though you may not be thinking of retiring at this point in time. You would join the ranks of those already retired to watch over your SURS funds and legislative activity in Springfield. The intent of the organization is to do just that. We encourage all of you who intend to retire from ICC to join. Remember: numbers = power.

Brochures about the ICCRA and SUAA are available. Just contact one of the officers.

And on the lighter side, our local chapter has activities you may also join. There is a ladies luncheon about five or six times a year, and the men have the Oatmeal club, which meets for breakfast and sometimes lunch a number of times a year. We also have our own newsletter. Other activities are welcome.

ICCRA Member Handbook

This edition of the ICCRA Members' Handbook does not include the name/address listing of retirees. That list will be included in the handbook you will receive in the mail shortly after the June 3 membership meeting. That edition of the handbook is ready to be printed and will also have an updated list of officers since some changed after the elections at the June, 2010 meeting. ICCRA members should look for the handbook to arrive in their mail in early July.

» ICC Retirees Association - Retirees Handbook (2010) [pdf]

For more information, please contact (309) 694-5522